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Due to the Global Pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the

Conservancy office is closed to visitors until further notice.

Notice for Friday, 5/7/2021 re: Ponds Maintenance: Aquatic Environment
Consultants, Inc. (AEC) will be performing maintenance at Burke Centre’s ponds
to include checking for filamentous algae and noxious macrophytes, and applying
treatment as necessary. If treatment is necessary, the materials employed in the
program for vegetation control will be registered for aquatic usage with the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Commonwealth of Virginia. AEC
has been notified not to spray or kill any cattails found at Burke Centre ponds



Burke Centre, a part of Fairfax County, Virginia, is a beautiful, 1700-acre Planned Residential Community (PRC). This award-winning community includes 5,862 homes and is managed by the Burke Centre Conservancy Homeowners Association (HOA). The Conservancy provides a small on-site staff to assist residents with the benefits and services available to all members.

You are currently in the public area of this site. We invite you to explore the site as most all of the information provided herein is accessible without requiring you to log in as a member. 

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Our page is a work in progress and we encourage you to contact us with any feedback, good or bad, or if you have suggestions for adding information that is not already here and would be helpful to you as a resident.

Congratulations to Burke Centre Resident, Andrew Berrier, on winning the Conservancy's 40th Anniversary Photo Contest! Mr. Berrier's photo is pictured above and entitled, "Screeching Hawk", a great example of beautiful wildlife seen around this community.

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