Classes - Yoga

In these progressive courses you will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques and deep relaxation. This centuries-old system for total health and well-being reduces the negative impacts of stress; strengthens muscles while increasing their flexibility; tones all the internal organs, glands and the nervous system; keeps the spine healthy; increases joint mobility; and lowers high blood pressure. The poses and relaxa-tion combine to unblock energy channels within the body. The deep rhythmic breathing brings increased energy. The result is a more vibrant and energetic you. Yoga also heightens awareness and the ability to concentrate. It brings clarity of mind and deep inner peace. Yoga is for everyone regardless of age or pre-sent condition. Come, enjoy and stay young with yoga. Newcomers Welcome!

WHEN: Ongoing – TUESDAYS                TIMES: 9:30-11:00 AM & 5:30-7:00 PM (Lev.1) 
LOCATION: Landings CC                   FEE: $120/10 classes; Drop-ins $14/class
REGISTER:    Cherry McDermott, 703-250-2181|

WHEN: Ongoing - WEDNESDAYS (Level I/II)   TIMES: 7:30-9:00 PM (Gentle Yoga)
LOCATION: Landings CC                   FEE: $11 class by session; Drop-ins $14/class
REGISTER: Judy Elvington, (703) 339-0430 | 

WHEN: Ongoing – TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS (Hatha-All Levels)
LOCATION:   Landings/Woods CC’s                    FEE:        $132/11 weeks (10% discount per person/session for registration in 2
                                                                                                classes - $238); Drop-ins $15/class
TIMES: TUES/ THUR 10-11:30 AM @ Woods CC OR THUR 5:00-7 PM @ Landings CC
REGISTER:    Kelly Johnson, RYT at (703) 830-8545 |

A slow and meditative practice. We hold seated or reclined poses for longer times, and we redirect our attention to the breath and letting go emotionally, mentally, and physically, while also being aware of physical reactions: where we send or redirect tension in other parts of the body even while we are trying to release it. New to yoga? Yin yoga is a nice place to start before moving on to other forms. If you are already an active person and you find yourself having stressful moments, or you have trouble sleeping, this Yin yoga class in the evening is a perfect way to help yourself learn to relax. Many Yin yoga poses can be done easily at home.

WHEN:       MONDAYS,  Ongoing                 LOCATION: Landings CC            FEE:           $84/8 classes; Drop-ins  $15   
TIMES:        7:45–9:15 PM                         REGISTER:   Molly Field, (703) 772-6872, or