Classes - Karate

Fitness, Confidence, Self-Defense! Join us! This program welcomes anyone ages 12 and up. Okinawan Isshin’–ryu Karate, taught by the Northern Virginia Isshinryu Karate Club. Friday nights at the Commons CC.

Training includes cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility exercises, self-defense skills, traditional forms know as Kata, and controlled sparring. No experience necessary. Character development, respect and self-control are promoted during training to help students cope with daily stress and life challenges.

The instructors are internationally certified Black belts in Isshin’–ryu Karate and Kobudo by IWKA, OIKKA and PSKC. Chief instructors are Sensei Jim Miller, 7th Dan, Kiyoshigo; Sensei Ralph Miller, 7th Dan, Kiyoshigo; and Sensei Linda Keefer, 5th Dan, Renshigo. Stop by any class, or visit the club’s web site at: for more information.

TIMES: 7:30-9:30 PM

LOCATION: Fridays @ Ponds CC

REGISTER: Contact Mr. Miller at (703) 966-7609; [email protected]

FEE: $30 tuition (18 weeks) + $30 Annual AAU membership fee