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May 13, 2019


To all residents of Burke Centre:


We heard at the working session last Tuesday the importance of having more communication with our homeowners, as we work through two major issues that are impacting residents: the ADS trash issue and the elimination of parking in Downeys  Wood and Woods Sorrel.  Recognizing that these situations are sensitive as well as fluid, and may well change with new information, in my capacity as President of the Board of Trustees, I am writing to you share with you what can be shared at this point. 


First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who came out andspoke to either or both of these issues to the Board of Trustees and members ofour community.  Many of you offered constructive comments and insights into the specifics of your situation.  It was good to hear the many views expressed, which is vital input to Board members.  I think it speaks to the resiliency and strength of our community that we could have this important conversation among us with civility.


I don’t have a lot of definitive information at this point, as much is still in development, but I do want you know that the Board requested an extension on the appeal on the order by the Fire Marshall to install firelanes in the Downeys Wood and Woods Sorrel Clusters.   Mr. Gloyd, our Executive Director, has been in contact with both the Fire Department and the Appeals board and we are waiting for formal confirmation on the rescheduling.  It is the Board’s intention to work with the Fire Department at this time to see if there’s a feasible resolution.  


Many of you have read Supervisor Cook's response to ADS and the County Board of Supervisors concerns with ADS know that this is not a problem solely contained within Burke Centre.  We have a contract with ADS, and Mr. Gloyd and his staff are monitoring very closely their commitment and compliance with that contract, exercising flexibility only when it makes sense for our residents—while at the same time, looking at other options and choices that we may have.  We hope to resolve this shortly.  Please keep in mind that should we go with another company, there will be a transition period, with likely further bumps in the road.  But this will get resolved one way or another.


Again, thank you for your involvement, your input and most of all your patience as these issues work their way to closure. 


Marc Flaster

President Board of Trustees, Burke Centre


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Congratulations to Burke Centre Resident, Andrew Berrier, on winning the Conservancy's 40th Anniversary Photo Contest! Mr. Berrier's photo is pictured above and entitled, "Screeching Hawk", a great example of beautiful wildlife seen around this community.

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