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Possible Curb/Storm Sewer Damage

Possible Curb/Storm Sewer Damage

There is a possibility that the some of the curbs and storm sewers on the VDOT streets within the Conservancy were damaged by VDOT snow plowing operations. 

Homeowners knowing of such damage should email the Facilities and Resources Dept. at [email protected]

Your email message should include your name, address, what was damaged (i.e., curb, gutter, or storm sewer, etc.) and the location of damaged property (i.e., in front of home, on right side of house, etc.).  

Please let us know if you have already contacted VDOT on your issue and if so, what work order number was given to you. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

--A Message from the Burke Centre Conservancy Open Space Committee