Burke Centre Conservancy 2023 Elections

Thank you for participating in the 2023 Burke Centre Conservancy election for the Board of Trustees and Cluster Committees which ended on March 11, 2023. The official results of the Board of Trustees election are provided below:

Marc Flaster, Board President & Commons Trustee ([email protected])

Denis Gulakowski, Board Vice President & Landings Trustee ([email protected])

Lee Schmidt, Board Secretary & Ponds Trustee ([email protected])

Marci Lawson, Board Treasurer & Trustee At-Large ([email protected])

Gary Schnurrpusch, Trustee At-Large ([email protected])

Steve Shapiro, Oaks Trustee ([email protected])

Brenda Trask, Woods Trustee ([email protected])

BOARD OFFICERS (selected by the newly elected Board of Trustees):

Marc Flaster, 
Board President

Denis Gulakowski, Board Vice President

Lee Schmidt, Board Secretary

Marci Lawson, Board Treasurer

For Cluster Committee Reps: whether you were listed as a part of your cluster's slate, OR, you were written in as a cluster committee rep, you will be contacted in March by mail to confirm your willingness to serve. The Conservancy staff will provide general info and next steps for those agreeing to serve on their cluster committee.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Conservancy office, (703) 978-2928; or send e-mail to:
[email protected].

General Information links for trustee & cluster candidates: