The Burke Centre Conservancy owns and maintains five large pools within the community. Burke Centre pool membership is offered for sale through September to both residents and non-residents. In a normal season, pool membership includes access to all of the five conveniently located pools, seven days a week, with hours ranging from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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Emergency Repairs to Impact Oaks Pool Opening

Dear Burke Centre Conservancy Members:

At the end of last month, some major maintenance challenges were discovered at the Oaks Pool which necessitated emergency repairs.

Unfortunately, after weeks of testing and repair work, we have run out of the time necessary to address all of the issues we face and therefore, the Oaks Pool will not be opened over Memorial Day weekend this year. The Conservancy remains cautiously optimistic that we will still be able to operate the Oaks Pool this season with an estimated opening date of June 11, 2022. This challenge is one of the most significant ones we have faced for opening a Burke Centre pool facility in decades. Please note that the estimated opening date of June 11th is based upon information currently available, and this date is subject to change.


During the regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance process for opening the pools, Atlantic Pool Service, Inc. noted that the water level had dropped several inches within a few days of refilling the Oaks Pool and operating its filtration system. With minimal evaporation at this time of year, and no swimmers splashing around to account for this water loss, it became apparent that the pool itself was leaking. The location of the leak was not readily apparent because water from under the pool was surfacing in several voids at different locations on the pool deck. In order to locate the leak and effect repairs to the broken pipe(s), the pool had to be drained.

A leak detection company was utilized to locate the source of the leak using both cameras to visually inspect some of the pipes, and compressed air to pressure test them. Initially, two areas of concern were identified, both in the floor of the pool. Upon excavation of the suspected primary leak, the contractor located a break in a six-inch trunk line (the main line) that supplies the returns for the pool. Atlantic Pool Service, Inc. staff also observed hair-line cracking in the pool floor at several locations. Following the repair work needed to address the pipe breaks, the most recent testing unfortunately revealed yet another leak in a return line, and a small leak in the main drain line. The necessary work for correcting these latest leaks will cause the Oaks Pool opening to be delayed.


Barring any other unforeseen circumstances, Atlantic Pool Service, Inc. has estimated Saturday, June 11th as the tentative opening day for the Oaks Pool. Fairfax County Schools are out on June 10, so the anticipated opening will occur on the next day if all goes as planned. if the pool is not ready by June 11, we will assess whether the pool can safely be opened later in the summer.

The Oaks Pool was scheduled for structural renovation this year according to the Capital Reserve Plan. This type of work is routinely undertaken in the fall after the pools close for the season. Assuming the repairs that are currently underway are successful, and the pool is able to be opened on June 11th, the renovation work will still be undertaken in the fall. If, however, the pool is unable to be opened this season, the renovation work will be scheduled at some point during the summer months. As part of the renovation process, the condition of the pool will be evaluated by engineers to determine whether structural renovation, or complete replacement is necessary.


These kinds of issues are often discovered in the spring when the pools are being prepared for the upcoming season. Significant issues such as this are rare, but when they occur, it does not leave much time to deal with them. Atlantic Pool Service, Inc. and the Conservancy staff are dedicated to dealing with these issues and opening the Oaks Pool as quickly as possible.

While we are hopeful that the Oaks Pool will open by June 11, please be aware that further issues may necessitate closure of this pool for the season. The Conservancy staff will continue to apprise the membership with updates as they become available.

The annual inspections of all the pools inBurke Centre did not indicate any other significant issues and our remaining pools will open on time. While the Oaks Pool is under repair, we encourage our residents to enjoy the outdoor activities at our other four pools.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to contact the Conservancy staff at 703.978.2928/ [email protected] if you have any questions.

Pool Phone Numbers:


Landings       703.250.4359
Oaks              703.239.2153
Ponds            703.250.0003
Woods          703.239.2048

Special Notice To Burke Centre Pool Members:

Please remember that human waste in the pool is a major heath concern. As stated in the Pool Rules, “Fairfax County Health regulations dictate that pools must be closed, super-chlorinated and cleaned when contaminated with human waste. It is the responsibility of members to attend to personal needs and hygiene accordingly to avoid closure of the pool. Fairfax County requires pools to be closed for two (2), up to sixteen (16) hours, based on the level of contamination.”

Please be advised to monitor the condition of swim diapers, checking to make sure they’re intact continuously throughout the child’s time in the pool. If you or your guests are not feeling well, please exit the pool safely and head to the bathhouse. If you need an assistance the life guards are there to help. We want to make sure we are keeping the pools clean and operational for all of the Burke Centre pool members.

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