Information on Appealing ARB Decisions

The Burke Centre Appeals Board is comprised of five members that are appointed by the Board of Trustees for three-year terms. Appeals Board members are also members of the Conservancy, and one member, when practicable, is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Virginia.

The Appeals Board has the power and duty to decide appeals to decisions made by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). This Board also decides cases of alleged infractions of the Governing Documents.

The Appeals Board shall have the power and duty to:

Upon written petition from affected owners, decide appeals to decisions of the Architectural Review Board (ARB).

Upon written petition from any member of the Conservancy, decide cases of alleged infraction of the Governing Documents, including alleged failure of the Architectural Review Board to perform its duties and thereupon compel or enjoin further action of parties found in violation of the Governing Documents.

Adopt procedures for the exercise of its duties and enter them in the Book of Resolutions.

Maintain complete and accurate records of its proceedings; such records to be available for inspection by Members during business hours, except that records relating to hearings on a Member’s alleged infractions of the Governing Documents may be inspected only by the principals in such proceedings.


FORM: Filing an Appeal to an Architectural Review Board (ARB) Decision