Other Associations in Burke Centre responsible for snow plowing

Some areas within Burke Centre have separate management companies which are responsible for snow plowing and sanding services in those individual locations. The following contact information is provided below for those areas within Burke Centre.

(This information is subject to change. Associations operating within Burke Centre should promptly notify the Conservancy of management changes.)

National Realty Partners: (703) 673-9144

• Responsible for Woodwalk Landing

Richter Management: (703) 503-1234

• Responsible for Oakwood Commons

Burke Cove Condominium Association: (703) 425-7303

• Responsible for Cove Landing Road

Burkeshire Commons: (703) 425-2777

• Responsible for roads and parking lots in Burkeshire Commons Apartments

NHP Management: (703) 323-7964

• Responsible for Summit Oak Way

• Responsible for Oak Bluff Court 

• Responsible for Crevenna Oak Court

National Realty Partners: (703) 673-9144

• Responsible for Walden Commons

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